Guaranteeing the Essentials for Australians

The Coalition Government is securing essential services for Australians through guaranteed funding for Medicare, the NDIS, education and security.

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The Right Choices to Guarantee Healthcare for Australians

We are guaranteeing and strengthening Medicare so that all Australians can continue to access timely and affordable health care. Our investments increase Medicare rebates, reduce the cost of medicines, and reverse increases to medicine co-payments and safety net thresholds.

To guarantee healthcare for the future, we are creating a new Medicare Guarantee Fund that by law can only be used to pay for Medicare and medicines.

  • The Medicare Levy, minus the rate set aside for the NDIS, will be fully paid into the Medicare Guarantee Fund
  • An additional proportion of income tax revenue will also be paid into the Medicare Guarantee Fund to cover total Medicare costs and cheaper medicines
  • Incentivising GPs to bulk bill children and concession card holders

The Coalition Government is investing record funding for our public hospitals and will deliver an additional $2.8 billion.

Guaranteed NDIS Funding

To secure the future of Australians living with a disability we are closing the funding gap for the NDIS. This will be paid for through an increase to the Medicare Levy of 0.5% from 1 July 2019.

The Right Choices to Secure Australia

The first duty of a national Government is to protect and keep Australians safe. We’ve stopped the boats, secured the borders and closed 17 detention facilities. We are doing our bit for global security and stability with 2,300 Australian Defence personnel serving around the world. We are investing over $300 million to ensure the Federal Police can lead the charge against terrorism, organised criminals and gang violence.

The Right Choices for Education

  • Record schools funding focused on need and outcomes for students
  • Extra support for disadvantaged and special needs students
  • Fair, affordable higher education to give students choice and the opportunity to succeed
  • More affordable and accessible childcare for one million families

“Our success cannot be taken for granted. We must be determined to secure our opportunities. This Budget is about making the right choices to secure the better days ahead.

Our choices are based on the principles of fairness, security and opportunity. We must choose to focus on growing our economy to secure more and better paying jobs. ”

Treasurer Scott Morrison

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