Budget 2018

Backing Regional Australia

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Regional Australia is home to more than 8 million Australians and is a major producer of our nation’s wealth. While many regions have experienced significant jobs growth, others still face challenges. The Government is committed to supporting regional Australia and ensuring the benefits of a stronger economy are spread broadly across the nation.

Backing our farmers

The Government is backing farmers by improving water infrastructure and increasing access to a broader range of agricultural and veterinary chemicals. New funding of $102 million for biosecurity and $26.6 million to better manage costly pests and weeds will help farmers maintain access to valuable export markets.

The Government will invest $225 million for better GPS technology that will enable farmers to access precision agricultural technologies that allow them to more accurately sow seeds in between rows of harvested crops and manage the distribution of water, fertiliser and herbicides. The Government is also investing $36.9 million to provide greater access to reliable, standardised satellite data that identify physical changes to the Australian environment.

Supporting regional tourism

The World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef supports 64,000 jobs and many small businesses in regional Australia.  The Government is investing more than $500 million to secure the future of the Reef and the jobs it supports, including through improving water quality, combating crown-of-thorns starfish and conducting scientific research.

Supporting regional communities

The Government is providing $200 million for a third round of the Building Better Regions Fund, which supports regional infrastructure and community investments. This is in addition to the Regional Growth Fund, which is investing $272 million in larger regional infrastructure projects that support long-term economic growth and create jobs in regions undergoing structural adjustment.

“Our plan for a stronger economy is:
tax relief to encourage and reward working Australians, backing business to invest and create more jobs, guaranteeing the essential services Australians rely on, keeping Australians safe, and ensuring the Government continues to live within its means.

This is how you strengthen the economy and bring the Budget back to balance.”

Treasurer Scott Morrison

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