Key Initiatives

This Budget sets out the Government’s economic plan to ensure Australia continues to successfully transition from the mining investment boom to a stronger, more diversified, new economy.

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  • Innovation and Science

    The National Innovation and Science Agenda is helping Australia harness new sources of growth to deliver economic prosperity.


  • Defence

    The Government has set out a 20 year plan to transform Defence and keep Australia and Australians safe and secure.


  • Export Trade Deals

    Australians will see key benefits from greater access to overseas markets and more affordable prices for household items.


“Australians know that our future depends on how well we continue to grow and shape our economy as we transition from the unprecedented mining investment boom to a stronger, more diverse, new economy.

They know that their future, their jobs and those of their children and grandchildren depend on it.”

Treasurer Scott Morrison

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“This Budget outlines our plan for a strong new economy - so that we can deliver more jobs and greater opportunities for Australians, their children and grandchildren.”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

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